PLANT – OLED Desk Lamp


The desk lamp features a metal base with a thin arm and a lamp head with three OLED modules. The lamp head consists of almost only the OLED modules with very little casing around them. The arm is reduced to almost the size of the cable.
The base acts as a counterweight and features just a little switch at the front part.

The basic idea was to show, use and play with the new possibilities of the OLED technology in an appropriate way. The organic background and at the same time very technical impression of the modules led to a similar design approach were an organic feeling meets technical reduction.

The Plant table lamp was awarded the Design Plus Award 2012 by the German Design Council. 

Ecological aspects
The energy efficiency of the modules is currently at par with halogen light sources. OLEDs don´t need any secondary optics, so there is no further loss of light.
The modules are environmentally friendly since they contain no harmful substances and are easy to recycle.
Technical details
OLEDs are the first light source which is capable of emitting homogenous light over a complete surface. Due to the large emitting surface they produce no glare. Since OLEDs consists only of two glass covers and organic layers in between, they are very thin, typically about 2 mm. The modules are customizable in brightness, lifetime, color, size and shape. This offers a wide range of applications.